Curiosità, Recensioni, Notizie e quant'altro vuoi sapere sul blues e non solo...  
  LINK An interesting source dedicated to amp bass useful to be used with other instruments as well.  
  Aiken Amp. Articles for beginners and advanced Amp builders. Parts, tolex, projects, accessories. The home of "The Invader" super 15W amp.  
  Ampage. The Home for the Amp builder. Many of the amp gurus can be contacted on the amp list.  
  AX84. Born around the AX84 project, it is quickly growing with new projects waiting for being tested and built.     
  GEO. The guitar effect oriented page covers anything you need to build your next magic box.  
  Harmony-Central. Are you looking for an user comment on your next purchase ? This is a good place to start.   
  Hendrix Guitars. The best place to find vintage amps and guitars in Italy.   
  London Power Amplifiers. Home of the "studio amp" fitted with the revolutionary London scaling power system. A lot of outstanding books on amp building by Kevin O'Connor.  
  The Blue Guitar. Steve Ahola web site has an huge collection of tips, schematics and mods for any taste. Guitar wiring is also covered.   
  The Fender Amp Field Guide. Super collection of Fender amp schematics and layouts. All models are beautifully pictured.  
  Amptone. The world of cranked amp tone at room db level explained. Can a 1 W saturated power amp sound better than 100 W of stacked Marshalls ?  
  Andrea Ciuffoli. A somewhat revolutionary hi-tech Italian guy. A lot of useful links  
  Elliott Sound Products. Australian audio page with a lot of projects  
  Shavano speaker tips. Articles on how to make audio cables, rebuild cabinets and lot more.  
  Weber Vintage Sound Technologies. The home of the appreciated Weber speaker has a lot of tech info on speaker characteristics.