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After a long time a dream comes true. I have always looked for an in-depth review focused on my favourite topic, the amplified harmonica. Now I have found time (and money) to test some specific harmonica gears and compare them to a couple of tone shaping devices which I used proficiently in the last few years. I tried to make the test objective as best as I can. Results are shown and aseptically commented. You can listen and view the results and judge by yourself. Read the complete story.
harmonica gear reviewed Flat Reed Tool
A small flat tool necessary for stabilizing reed under retuning procedure. It can be also used to alter the reed curvature and to modify the reed gapping. This tool is included in the Lee Oskar tool kit which I recommend without any hesitation. The kit includes a useful basic booklet describing main repairs and reed faults. Very nice. Anyway a similar tool can be made off a piece of flat brass material. Let your fantasy guide your mind.
trossingen WHF-2001
Trossingen World Harmonica Festival 24-28 October 2001. Part 1
Part 2
Pillows. The image above shows the gears reviewed in the present issue of Harmonica House.
Custom Wood Harp Mic / FrontThis was a dynamic mic that I built after reeding the "EMIC" report on Harmonica Planet Mag. It is made of plastic (two plastic neck bottles are used); inside there is a dynamic element; the connector is a standard phone-jack female. The plastic is transparent which let you see cables inside. It is a light, low-impedance mic particularly suited for player with small hands. It's not my case !!

Custom Wood Harp Mic / Back
Harp Tools Shown here is the tool I did to emboss reed slots. Below there is the tape I use to stabilize reeds according to Turbodog suggestion. I must say that both techniques work nicely.

Alternate Tuning Examples
Natural Minor Tuning Am
Blue Moon. C tuning.
Major 7th C.
Autumn Leaves. G tuning.
Bop Tuning
Sweet Georgia Brown. F tuning.

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