The New Tony Ramos Handmade Harmonicas are available


The L.A. born harp player Tony Ramos is an excellent alternative to the top professional harp technicians, i.e., Joe Filisko, Richard Sleigh. Tony who is actually living in Munich (Germany) is specialized in custom-made Marine Band Style Harmonicas and offers repair service for Filisko and Sleigh harps, as well as a number of custom tunings. I knew of Tony work thanks to his buddy Peter Krause when Peter came for some gigs in Italy last year. At that time, I was looking for a fast and accurate harmonica service since Joe Filisko became oriented to the pros and his last shipment reached me 14 months following my original order. So I decided to try the Tony Ramos harps. My first impression was excellent: Tony is a very nice guy, he listened to all my needs and best of all he said me that his workaround time was 4-5 weeks only. In Feb. I received his first customized harps. Herein are my impressions on his work: